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Patons Yarn Collection

Patons is a growing name on the UK knitting market, offering good quality yarns at very reasonable prices. Here at Pack Lane Wool you can shop for some of the most stunning lines of Patons yarn available.

Patons specialise in a wide variety of wool and yarn, and as a result you're bound to find a specific material or weight that's exactly what you're looking to use. So whether you're after a double knit or something a little thinner for the summer months like a cotton yarn, it's likely there's a style and weight here that's perfect for you.

The colours used by Patons vary, but all are deep routed within the fibres of the yarn. Many colour variations are available for you to choose from, with these selections appearing to cover the whole spectrum! That means you can find a bold yellow yarn just as easily as a dusty charcoal, leaving you to customise your knitting project to its full extent.

Finding a knitting pattern for your Patons yarn couldn't be easier, you can simply shop here at Pack Lane Wool for a number of Patons patterns. The patterns available are sure to inject you with inspiration for a future project. We have available Patons patterns which cover accessories, children's and women's patterns, each with a number of styles contained within. For example, the accessories patterns cover classic items which you might expect to see, such as hats and scarves. These are perfectly compatible with Patons yarn and there are specific patterns to cater for yarn lines such as like Patons Big Fab Colour and Colour Works Aran.

Please feel free to browse the Patons Yarn available here at Pack Lane Wool and we hope that you're able to find a yarn and colour which will fit in perfectly with your needs. Should you find a beautiful yarn you like, don't forget to check out our selection of Patons patterns too.

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